Friday, April 24, 2009

Basic Cooking Utensils for travelling abroad (for NRIs)

Always take or buy the following utensils when you are going abroad.
Pressure Cooker ( 3ltrs)
Idli plates (3 nos)
Rest you can buy after reaching there:
A good ever silver cooking set with spatulas,
A 10” non-stick pan ,
A dinner set,
Measuring cups and spoons,
A Knife and A cutting board.


  1. Hi senthil here (Mr of badra)Gone through u r formulas - really nice - we have already tried mutton biryani as per u r instruction....
    blog idea is great initiative --keep it up...

    what i liked most are the presentation i.e the pictures speak for themselves !! :)

  2. Thank you so much!!!!!!
    Glad to know that the recipes worked out well.

  3. Thanks for this post........ i agree with your views for guideline for Cooking Equipment